laoshi shane rowan

      Lao Shi Shane started his Martial Arts venture at the age of 8 years old in American Freestyle Karate but moved to a new city before attaining a black belt. When he was 18, he started working for Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament where he became an actor/stunt performer, which included riding horses, jousting, and wielding a wide array of medieval weaponry. During this time, he briefly studied Wing Chun Kung Fu and Pekiti-Tirsia, and could not continue his studies due to the demands of performing at Medieval Times. Determined to earn his black belt/sash, Lao Shi promised himself he would continue training once he retired from the show


Shifu Fred Christie provided an eye opening experience. His teachings included how to calm the mind, strengthen the body, and polish the spirit to heal oneself completely. These teachings and the strong sense of family embedded in the Shaolin system naturally extend beyond the four walls of the school to become a lifestyle.

The humbling experience and honor of carrying on a shared dream have been passed down from Shifu Fred to his Inner Chamber Disciples Lao Shi Shane and Lao Shi Ian at the Myrtle Beach branch of Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu schools. After Shifu Fred’s retirement in 2016, Lao Shi Shane continues his studies under the head of the system, Shih Gung Gregg Zilb. He looks forward to furthering his education in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, which he now realizes he has a lifetime of knowledge left to earn and explore