shifu Fred Christie

       Shi Fu Fred Christie, since 2005, operates a school in Myrtle Beach South Carolina at Shaolin Kung Fu Studios ( ). He began training with Shifu Gregg in ’96 in the Tai Chi program. Having experienced a serious knee injury in the 80’s, he sought out Shifu Gregg to improve his condition. Nine months later he enrolled in the Kung Fu program.

     He took to the training regimen and dedicated himself to succeed despite his injuries and his age.His goal is to pass on to his students what was taught to him. He stresses the internal Qigong/Tai Chi program as necessary and vital to training. He is an ‘old school ‘ traditionalist who believes in the transformative power of Shaolin Northern Lohan. Loyalty and dedication, sacrifice and hard work are concepts continually emphasized. The school motto is : “Never, never give up” He attained the level of black sash in 2002 at the age of 56 and the level of Shifu 3 years ago.

      The Myrtle Beach school is reflective of the demanding training that Shifu Fred was privileged to experience. He believes that teaching, first for your teacher to learn the craft and ultimately, to be afforded the honor of passing the system on through one’s own school, is the highest honor you can bestow on your teacher. That honor was extended further when a student of Shifu Fred, Shi Xiong Tim Smith opened Shaolin Tai Chi Studio in Georgetown SC 3 years ago. Shifu is a ‘inner chamber disciple’, a Yup Sut Dai Gee of Shifu Gregg since 2004. As such he is obliged to always look to the interests of his teacher and be very loyal to the traditions of Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

      To that end he has aspired and will continue to do so.“ I cannot overstate the influence of my teacher and the profound effect he has had in my life. What I know has come from him. He is and has been a role model, a man of stature, superb skill and respect. I look at the many who have come through the system and all have been induced to bring out the best in their nature. I am helping people to develop the tools they will need and use to succeed in their lives. I can do that because my teacher decided to devote his life to that goal. I have done the same.”