authentic shaolin kung fu is the premiere kung fu school on long island

We understand when looking for a martial arts school, there is a lot of choices out there, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Self-Defense to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We train in a traditional setting, honoring the origin of all these martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu.

For over thirty years, Shifu Gregg Zilb has trained and taught Lohan Chuan Kung Fu. In those years he has promoted, demonstrated, and preserved the old time traditions that has made Lohan Chuan such an amazing system. What you can expect is a high energy atmosphere that focuses on traditional training. Forms, weapons, fighting, Taijiquan, physical fitness are just some of the skills and benefits you will receive while training, learning this 1500 year old war art that has adapted to fit into the 21st century era.

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"We train in the same honored traditions that made the Shaolin Warriors famous. Learning a 1500 year old war art, that has adapted to fit into the 21st century era."