shaolin sANDA

      What is Shaolin Sanda???  How to apply kung fu techniques to a sparring or fighting situation!! This is one of the most controversial topics in kung fu and martial arts, Shifu Gregg breaks down all of the practical concepts and applications to get you going to apply all of the movements from your forms into real time sparring. Sanda literally means "free fighting" which means taking any techniques from the forms and putting them to organic free flow techniques.

      The concept of Shaolin Sanda can be broken up into four phases of combat; Ti, Da, Na, Shuai (Kicking, Punching, Grappling, Throwing). This gives the practitioner a well rounded foundation able to adapt to the ever growing changes and demands of 21st century combat. This not based on sport oriented combat but using principles from your Kung Fu Taolu (forms) to totally take advantage of your opponent no matter the size, strength or skill. The use of Shaolin Sanda is the entire body used as a weapon, every part of the body is trained to destabilize, offset and punish the opponent as to make your combat as fast and effective as possible.

      Traditional training in Shaolin Sanda will give you the skills and confidence you need to handle any situation!

"Add years to your life, and life to your years!!"

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"This is not sport oriented training, this is combat for everyday life because on the street there are no weight classes or evenly matched opponents."