laoshi Rafael marmol 

        Lao Shi Rafael has been training in the Shaolin arts for 13 years and still counting. Starting out at 4 years old, Shaolin has always influenced his life. Rafael not only applies the principles of Shaolin within the boundaries of the school but in the outside world as well. He has come to be proficient in many open handed forms and weapons alike at a very young age. Even though he has won 1st place in divisions such as forms and fighting in many tournaments, he remains very humble and in spite of being young he is a very well matured and respectful individual.

      "I have done Kung Fu all my life and still have a lot to learn, the training, skills and knowledge of the system is very vast" explains Laoshi. He has learned just what a family environment means in a Kung Fu school, being the son of Shifu Gregg does not afford him any luxuries, learning these valves and teachings first hand has not only made him into an excellent martial artist but also leader in all other aspects of his life. Laoshi has also earned the status of the "Yup Sut Dai Gee" (Inner Door Disciple), aspiring to carry on the traditions of his family to future generations.