shifu Michael levy

Shifu Levy started training at Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu in the summer of 1999 at 19 years old. Shifu trained rigorously to receive his black sash and became a Yup Sut Dai Gee in 2004. After years of training and staying dedicated to Shaolin, Shifu Levy who is now 35 years old will never turn back.  Even though many of Shifu Levy's closest friends have left Shaolin years ago, he remains to be one of the most consistent...A face you may not see in the quan everyday, but his unchanging persistence and undoubtedly effort has been proven throughout the years.
"I grew up in a tough Irish neighborhood in the Bronx and moved to Long Island as a teenager thinking I knew how to fight because of all the school yard brawls. It only took one Friday sparring night at Shaolin to soon realize the harsh reality that my street fighting experience as a kid was useless. Ever since that wake up call, I quickly realized that I needed Shaolin for not only to improve my fighting skills, but also more importantly to find spirituality and humbleness. I wouldn't be the same person without Shaolin and it made me the man I am today...
With a beautiful wife and two beautiful young daughters at home, Shaolin has mentally and physically made me stronger at home and inside the quan. Joining Shaolin and learning from Shifu Gregg Zilb has been one of the best decisions I could have made in my life. It remains to be an incredible journey and I'm staying on the path of Shaolin for the rest of my life."