shifu Lloyd Coleman

Shifu Lloyd has been training in traditional northern Shaolin Kung Fu for 21 years.  Searching for a number of years for an "old school" Kung Fu school, Shifu found a home at the Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.  Competing and winning awards in many tournaments for forms, weapons and fighting, Shifu Lloyd has now turned his attention to teaching, he has become "Yup Sut Dai Gee" (inner door disciple) to Shifu Gregg and continuing the traditions that make Shaolin Kung Fu an exemplary and exquisite martial art.

     Shifu Lloyd maintains that in order to properly learn Shaolin Kung Fu, you must first learn to eat bitter.  Learning in a strict environment, he teaches with the same "old school" tradition with a twist: "we can be hard, but also encouraging" says Shifu.  With all the understanding of the old teaching passed on to him by Shifu Gregg, he helps Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu School maintain it's standing as the premier in Shaolin Martial arts.

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