shifu nick pfluger

Shifu Nick started training at Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu in 1998, and knew right away that it was the place for him. Upon seeing the skills of head instructor, Shi Gong Gregg Zilb, Shifu Nick was impressed with the martial caliber that the school was at. After a hiatus from 2002 to 2005 due to an intense school and work schedule,

     Shifu focused on obtaining his black sash and later to become a "Yup Sut Dai Gee" (Inner Door Disciple). “There are many things I have learned from Shifu Gregg. Through the physical, external skill sets of Kung Fu, to the internal studies of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, I’ve learned some of the most important skills needed for life - discipline, perseverance, and humbleness. These attributes are the foundation of Shaolin and have extended into my life outside the school, having nothing but a positive effect on me and the people around me. I intend to continue to train hard, and work to instill these same characteristics in the future generations of Shaolin."